Travels in Turkey

Our walk on the St. Paul Trail.

Chapter 1: Travel day

Day 1 Journal: Antalya Friday —                           9/30/05

Our 34 hour day: Both of us went to work at 7 a.m. as usual on September. 29. Ang went home for a bit around 11 a.m. At about12:30 Celia and Ang met in parking lot and left the Honda there for Dalena and Daniel to retrieve. Adventure #1 was that Matt told us Thursday morning he could not babysit the dogs that night. But Gabie bailed us out of that one. Adventure #2 was when Jeff locked the keys to the Honda in the trunk before locking the driver’s door. We had to leave the door unlocked and hope Dalena got to it before a thief. We easily, praise be to God, made our tight connection in Chicago. The Little Rock flight was early and only 13 gates from the International flight. We flew on an 777 plane with 9 seats per row. Neither of us slept much. We got two meals and a snack; watched Herbie: Fully Loaded, and Jeff entered GPS points in the GPS we borrowed from Paul Ellis. The flight lasted seven hours. It was 6:30 a.m. London time when we landed. And after standing in a long line for customs, we took the Piccadilly line to Green Park and literally ran to Buckingham Palace. A couple of pictures and we ran back to the tube. After dashing about the station we managed to get on the right train back to Heathrow. We got through security in a hour and had an hour to wait for our Turkey flight. We flew to Istanbul (had a heck of a time finding the domestic terminal) and successfully made our flight to Antalya. Our shuttle driver went to the wrong terminal but after a call picked us up and took us to the Sabah panysion. It seems to be nice. Even has A/C. We are both zonked and ready for bed after a quick shower. 

–Jeff & Ang

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