Travels in Turkey

Our walk on the St. Paul Trail.

Turkey Travels

During the spring of 2005, Angela and I were looking for a big overseas trip to take together. We wanted to go someplace new and different before we settled down to enlarge our family. After reading a story in National Geographic Adventure magazine about the St. Paul Trail in Turkey, Angela got very excited about a backpacking trip. Jeff was surprised, but thrilled with the idea. During the next few months we purchased gear, took short local trips, and read about the trail. Everything came together beautifully. We decided go the first week in October since it would be cooler and help us to take extra days off. As the days approached our families got pretty nervous about the trip, but we got more excited.  

We decided to keep a journal each day and take lots of pictures. After coming home we combined these into a book for family and friends. Here we will try to reproduce the best parts of this book. We hope you will enjoy it. Each chapter represents one day on the trip with pictures taken that day. The journals were written each night, so the location at the top of the journal was our stopping point for that night. What wonderful memories we have. 

Since this is such a large project. It will take some time to make it completely available. Take a look and then check back periodically for updates. Hope you enjoy walking with us. 

--Jeff and Angela

All pictures and information on this site are the property of Jeff and Angela Lindsey and cannot be used in any way without their written permission. Some information came from signs and tour guide descriptions.