Travels in Turkey

Our walk on the St. Paul Trail.


Trail Map


This map was generated from GPS points from our trip.


This is the detailed schedule Jeff made for our use and to give to Paul and Marianne, so they would know where we intended to be on our trip.

Jeff and Ang in Turkey

This is our plan for our Turkey Trip. There may (almost definitely will) be changes as we go. We’ll try to keep people relatively informed. If you want to be included in text messages from Turkey, please let us know and make sure to give us your text capable phone number and/or email address. Phone calls are ~$1 per minute, so those will be very limited or absent. If for some reason you think we are in real trouble, you can call the state department for information at 888-407-4747 or the U.S. consulate in Turkey at 1-888-407-4747 or 317-472-2328. I’m including our personal info at the bottom of this letter just in case. We will be registered with the U.S. embassy in Turkey. Thanks for your prayers.


We fly out from Little Rock, September. 29: 

Date:   29 September - Thursday         



Departure:  LIT Little Rock 02:44 PM  1HR 45MIN 

Arrival:  ORD Chicago  04:29 PM   



Date:  29 September - Thursday      

Flight:  AMERICAN AIRLINES 86  Boeing 777 (777) 

Departure:  ORD Chicago 05:10 PM  7HR 40MIN 

Arrival:  LHR London  06:50 AM    



Ang wants to ride the tube, so we expect to take it downtown and have a bit of breakfast. We have a four hour layover so that should not be a problem. It shouldn’t take more than an 2 hours. 

Date:  30 September - Friday      

Flight:  TURKISH AIRLINES   1980  

Airbus Industrie A310-300 (313) 

Departure: LHR London 11:25 AM 3HR 45MIN 

Arrival: IST Istanbul  05:10 PM    



Date:  30 September - Friday      

Flight:  TURKISH AIRLINES  424  

Boeing 737-400 Passenger (734) 

Departure: IST Istanbul 07:10 PM 1HR 10MIN 

Arrival: AYT Antalya  08:20 PM    



We’ll arrive a little late in the day on a Friday, so we have arranged to take a personal shuttle to the Sabah Pension. The driver will be holding up a board that says  “SABAH PANSIYON” It is near the Kesik Minare, is good value and very friendly; restaurant, beer, internet access, and car-hire. phone: 902422475345, Fax: 902422475347, Address: Kilincaslan Mh. Hesapci Sok. No:60 07100 Antalya/Turkey, email:

On Saturday, October 1, we want to go to Perge to visit the ruins there, we will also spend some time on the beach and hangout in and around Antalya. Ang wants to go to a museum or something, so we will try to do that. 

TRANSPORT-- Antalya to Aksu for Perge: leaves the Meydan roundabout on the airport road East of Antalya roundabout (about 15 minutes walk East of the clock tower) every 30 minutes during the day; returns at similar frequency from under the pedestrian walkover in Aksu. You have to walk from Aksu to the site (about 1 km).

We may take a tour using Tur-ista Travel

Sultanahmet Tur-ista Travel Agency

Address: Divanyolu Cad. No: 16 Sultanahmet Istanbul TURKEY

Telephone: 90 212 5137119 - 90 212 5277085

Fax: 90 212 5193792  E-mail:

Perge, Aspendos, Side, Manavgat, Duden --

Perge: Perge is the best example of a complete Roman city in the Pamphylian plain. It developed from a Hellenistic hilltop settlement to a proper Roman city.

Aspendos: Aspendus was a major port city in the Roman period with the navigable river of Koprucay. Visitors usually only see the theater on the hillside, however the aqueduct is also recommended

Side: Side is located on a peninsula penetrating into the Mediterranean. It was one of the important civilizations and has become one of Turkey’s major holiday centers.

Manavgat: It is 93 km / 58 miles long and originates from Seytan Dag (2,120 m / 6,954 ft). It has two dams; Oymapinar and Manavgat which has not been finished yet.

Duden: Although it is one of the major rivers of the southern Anatolia region, its length is not very long; 15 km / 9 miles. The water which forms the river travels underground from sources 40 km / 25 miles far away. In Duden park the water surfaces and continues till it reaches the sea. The water is used for irrigation of most of the parks in Antalya.

On Sunday morning, October 2, we plan to take a bus to Barla. There should be internet service and phone service here.   

TRANSPORT -- Antalya to Isparta: leaves Antalya otogar several times per day (several companies run on this route); return from Isparta main bus station. Isparta - Barla (NOT via Egirdir): leaves local bus garage at 2.00 and 5.30, returns at 7.00am and 8.30am. 

This will be the starting point for our backpacking adventure. We should set out on Sunday afternoon October 2. What time will depend on the bus travel time and route.

We’ll hike from Barla to the lake crossing at the narrowest point. 

There are plenty of fishing boats on the lake shores, and when we arrive at Dikmen Ciftligi, it’s easy to go to the fish farm just North of where you meet the main road, and ask for a boat ride across. The ride takes only about 20 minutes.The family who own the fish farm will also give you a meal while you are waiting to cross. Ibo at the Lale Pension in Egirdir will pre-book the boat for you if you know which day you want to cross. Crossing - app 10 dollars.

From there we will wind our way to Yalvac and Antioch of Pisidia. The hike will take four or so days (Oct. 2 to Oct 6). We plan not to hurry and make the best of it. We will try to get to Yalvac early on Oct. 6. Spend some time in Antioch of Pisidia then catch a bus to Aksehir. 

TRANSPORT --  Yalvac to Aksehir by bus. Then Aksehir to Izmir on the 24:00 overnight bus. Sisan Tours is sending a voucher for the second bus. We should arrive in Izmir about 07:00-07:30. From there we can take the Selcuk-Kusadasi bus. It’ll take about 1 hour. In Selcuk we will be picked up by Sisan Tours for the Ephesus tour outside the bus station.


Ege Vista Is Merkezi No.3/G - Kusadasi / TURKEY

Tel : 0090- 256- 6182409

        0090- 256-6182410

Fax : 0090- 256-6182408

mobil 0090-533-7108412

Ephesus  Full Day Private  tour

* pick up from the hotel

* Visit of Artemision Temple / Temple of Diane

* Ruin of Ephesus Ancient city

* (Open Air Museum, Celsus Library, Temple of Hadrian, Fountain of Trajan, the Great Theater)

* Lunch

* Virgin Mary’s house

* Museum of Selcuk

*  St. John Basilica

* All entrance

* Professional Licenced Guide in English

* Air/Con vehicle & Driver full Insurance

* Tax included

After the tour, we will be dropped off at a hotel in Kusadasi.

KUSADASI ACCOMODATIONS -- provided by Sisan tours:

Reserved for us a nice hotel 1 night breakfast and dinner included.


Ataturk Bulvari Yat Limani Karsisi, Kusadasi / Turkey

For reservation contact

Tel:90-256-6131203 (pbx)   Fax:90-256-6127244

We will check out Oct. 8 from the hotel and transfer to Izmir airport.

TRANSPORT -- Onur Air flight from Izmir to Istanbul at 9:50 a.m. 

We’ll have to make our own transportation to the hotel Istanbul, but much of this will be exploring the city, so it will be part of the trip. We’ll have all day Saturday to explore. We want to Make it to the Suultanahmet area fairly early, because there are so many of the main sites there. 

TRANSPORT FROM-- Attaturk Airport

From the International Arrivals area, follow signs for the Hafif Metro  (Light Rail System) and Otopark (parking garage) out the front door and across the street to the parking garage. Take one of the parking garage elevators down to the Havalimani (Airport) station, located in a subterranean passageway between the Domestic and International terminals and beneath the parking garage.

Buy a token (jeton) at the booth—the price is marked on a paper sign in the window, and should be less than US$1—and board a Metro train for Aksaray (map), but get out at Zeytinburnu, the 6th stop.

Take the escalator up, exit the Zeytinburnu Metro station, and follow the signs and the crowd on the short 1-minute walk to the Zeytinburnu tram station. (If you need directions, ask Tramvay nerede? (trahm-vah-yee NEH-reh-deh), but this is a short, easy, self-evident transfer).

Because this is the western terminus of the tram line, you have a better chance of finding an empty seat than if you transfer from the Metro to the tram at Yusufpasa/Aksaray, where the walk is also longer and more confusing.

Also, Zeytinburnu (zey-TEEN boor-noo) is an easier, safer and less confusing station than Aksaray. You can even buy an Akbil electronic transit pass here.

Ride eastbound to Sultanahmet, the 16th stop (the recorded station-stop announcement says sool-TAHN-ah-meht, and also BLOO mosque in English!) and get out. You’ll be on Divan Yolu at the northeastern end of the Hippodrome with the Blue Mosque clearly in view.

We will stay at the Best Western Istanbul Obelisk Hotel there Saturday night. Here’s the address: 

Mimar Mehmet Aga Caddesi No.17/19 Sultanahmet Istanbul 34400 Turkey

Tel: 90-0212-517-71-73 Fax: 90-0212-517-68-61 E-mail:

The hotel offers a shuttle, and we’ll fly home Sunday, Oct. 9. 


Date:  09 Oct - Sunday      



Airbus Industrie A340-300 (343)  

Departure: IST Istanbul 10:20 AM 11HR 20MIN 

Arrival: ORD Chicago 01:40 PM    



Date:  09 Oct - Sunday      



Canadair Regional Jet 700 (CR7)  

Departure: ORD Chicago 04:10 PM 1HR 46MIN 

Arrival: LIT Little Rock  05:56 PM    



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