Travels in Turkey

Our walk on the St. Paul Trail.

Our kids


When we arrived in Eyüpler, we needed to find a bus to take us to Yalvaç (pronounced Yalvach). As we were entering the village we asked a man who peeked out of his door at us where we could find the bus-stop. He took us to the bus where it stops in front of the school. The children spotted us and began yelling, “hello”. (Probably the only word most of them knew in English.) They were so excited. It started with a few kids and then grew into a crowd of kids trying to tell us “hello” and waving franticly at us. 

While we were passing the school the bus (more like a big van) came up the street, and we were able to get on. “It just so happened” we were passing through the village just as the bus we needed was pulling up. Jeff got out the rest of our tootsie rolls and handed them to the man who brought us to the bus and asked him to hand the tootsie rolls out to the kids. The poor man got mobbed. A little girl came up to the door and said very politely “How are you doing?” to Jeff. He responded with a big smile, but she just giggled and ran away.

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